The Yara 44 (m) is a motor yacht creation by Italian yard ISA Yachts and Dutch studios Omega Architects and Van Oossanen

The brief said to design a fast yacht with modern lines and interior features to bring outside inside. Omega Architects approach every new project studying the heritage of the shipyards and trying to understand the brand, with the aim to maintain the established tradition and at the same time propose new features.

For this project, Omega Architects try to create new elements of exterior design, at the same time maintaining a gentle looking and some of the soft lines in particular, for which ISA Yachts is well known. The result is a sturdy, though elegant yacht design.

Yara 44 ISA Yachts
Yara 44 ISA Yachts
Yara 44 ISA Yachts

The design concept

A revolutionary challenge came out during the very first meeting: Development of 2 projects, the Yara 44 and the Yara 48, with the same platform. Omega and Van Oossanen Naval Architects managed to “divide” the profile of the 44m, respecting construction bonds, and stretch it until 48m. Superstructure’s lines have been adapted to follow the new shape, and then back and forward again. This link between the 2 projects allows a possible client to choose the length in a second moment, creating an advantage for marketing. Moreover, the 44m could be marketed at a competitive price, not losing the quality on which ISA Yachts puts the emphasis, as a result of the recently rationalized production. The 48m will be based on exactly the same hull lines as the 44m, just with rearranged shallow propeller tunnels.

Design-wise, the 44m design is slightly aft leaning, the 48m design is slightly forward leaning, with the result that the “small“ one acts as the naughty one, while the 48m is the big sturdy sister. Another fixed point, that was clear from the draw of the first line, was the relationship with the sea. These 2 yachts have low bulwarks, 2/3 of the windows are full height, creating versatility in relaxation, openness and panorama views from all over the boats.

Yara 44 ISA Yachts

Lower Deck

The crew is placed forward with dedicated galley and dining table. To be noted: This crew compartment is larger compared to most other yachts of these sizes since both yachts comply with MCA regulations. Regarding the guest area, 2 twins and 2 VIPs cabins are served by a central round stair. On aft, beach club houses a sauna, toilet and a service counter, a concept derived from the Russian traditional “banya”, which consists of 3 rooms; quite similar, in the 44m we have a sauna or steam room, a bathroom and an area to rest and relax with a counter cabinet for drinks. In the 48m, we also have a bar.

Middle Deck

The owner has here a full beam private suite with double bathrooms. The windows are full height to create a spacious and light full cabin. Amidships, the crew has a separated traffic route that allows them to reach galley and WD with dedicated stairs.

The dining area has also full height windows that give a see-through experience: that was achieved lowering the exterior bulwarks. Dining area and the gigantic lounge area on aft are divided by glass doors. This huge exterior space was thought as a whole: we have continuity in ceiling and teak planking. In spite of this, half of the area can be closed with glass sliding doors. And, when the room is closed, air-conditioning is guaranteed, like a big bay window. The lounge area ends with a Jacuzzi placed aft, almost flush with deck to respect the panorama view from inside. The Jacuzzi is a point around which it develops an entire seating arrangement, meant to be a party or relaxed meeting. The water curtains falling from the overhang to the Jacuzzi is an additional feature to this area.

Yara 44 ISA Yachts


Mainly a crew area, with a 6m tender, MOB and jet ski served by a crane. Particular attention was given to visibility on wheelhouse: the division of glass panels and their angle are studied to help the captain during sailing. Captain has his cabin behind the wheelhouse, close to pantry and crew’s stair.

The wheelhouse deck has on aft a cozy sky lounge with bar. The area is connected through glass sliding doors to an external dining table and lounge.

Yara 44 ISA Yachts


Is thought of giving a panorama view: Legs of the mast are placed on deck to keep the deck as free as possible. To avoid railings, a glass bulwark protects the area. We have 2 different proposed layouts for the 44m and the 48m: On the 48m, in between the mast’s legs, we have a Jacuzzi with sunbeds.

The traditional layout of the Yara 44 follows 10 person dining table on SB, a counter bar on PS. The forward area is dedicated to seats. On the 44m, a bar with a pop-up TV is integrated into between mast’s legs. On forward we have a spacious lounge area, while the sunbathing part is reserved on aft. This creates a sort of “bar sport” atmosphere where guests can gather for watching a movie or a match, still being outside but in a privacy-guaranteed area.

Main Specifications

Length over all:44.40 m
Beam:8.85 m
Draft:2.05 m
Exterior Design:Omega Architects
Naval ArchitectureVan Oossanen
Interior Design:Omega Architects
Engines (Basic):2 X MTU 16V 2000
Engines (Option B):2 X MTU 16V4000
Engines (Option A):2 X MTU 12V 4000
Max. Speed (Basic Engines24 knots
Max. Speed (Option A)27 knots
Max. Speed (Option B)30 knots
Fuel Capacity:44.000 l