inside of a feadship

Inside of a Feadship

Let's take a look of a yacht by Feadship the hundreds of kilometers of wiring and piping. Photo courtesy of Feadship

Where the 100 biggest motor yachts come from (infographic)

Infographic about the building places of the 100 biggest motor yachts.First, the longest yacht is not the biggest. Azzam is currently the longest yacht with 180m, but Dilbar (15,917 GT) and Fulk Al…

yachtforums-senior-member-t-shirt Kopie Senior Member T-Shirt

After a long journey I received the T-Shirt for Senior Members of Thanks!  

Fountainhead by Feadship XL in Makkum

Fountainhead by Feadship XL (sister ship to "Musashi").……