Mercedes X-Class Yachting

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Yachting by Carlex Design

From commercial vehicle to a luxurious car with Maybach parts: The Mercedes X-Class Yachting, styled by Carlex Design.

Influences from yachting to cars and influences from cars to yachting – both industries are working on several levels together. Although the X-Class is a Mercedes, it is just commercial car based on the Nissan Navara. The Polish company Carlex Design that creates custom interiors and exterior parts for luxury cars presents the X-Class in a yachting edition.

The car features original wheels from the Maybach S650 Coupé, teak wood and a body kit with a lot of carbon fiber parts. The bicolored body reminds me of a typical yacht color scheme. Although the below part of the car is painted in porcelain, the brown is like a teak deck.


The exterior color scheme is also in the interior. Original Maybach Nappa leather in creme and brown with Zebrano wood part parts. Moreover, Recaro Sportster CS seats and a sports steering wheel. Personally, a new gearbox and a bigger screen would be the icing on the cake. Also, a fifth-wheeler version with a boat trailer could be interesting. The price of the car is about 105.000 EUR depending on the chosen base.

Full-Electric Boat Q30

Q30 - Full-Electric Boat from Finland

The Q30 by Q Yachts from Finland comes up with a full-electric boat, powered by a Oceanvolt propulsion.

Oceanvolt and Q Yachts were founded by an enthusiastic sailor. Oceanvolt was founded in 2004 – a long time before electric drives are hyped – to develop electric propulsion for sailing yachts. Years later, the company founder Mr. Janne Kjellman launched Q Yachts with its model Q30 to present a full-electric day boat with a clean and minimalistic design that fits perfectly to the silence of electric engines.

The boat has a range of 42 nautical miles with the standard 30 kWh battery pack or 80 nautical miles with the optional 60 kWh battery pack at a cruising speed of nine knots. In fast cruising mode 15 knots), the range reduces to 22 nautical miles respectively 40 nautical miles. The guest capacity is up to eight guests.


The bright styled interior of the Q30 offers the opportunity for an overnight stop with bed and head. The skylight lets natural light in the cabin. An all-around LED and LED spots serving to light at night.

The boat weighs 1500 kg – plus trailer it is still light enough to be towed by a Tesla Model X (towing capacity 2250 kg). In my eyes one of the coolest car/trailer combination in the world.

Main Specifications

Length over all:9.30 m
Beam:2.20 m
Draft:0.50 m
Battery Capacity:30 kWh / 60 kWh
Engine:1 x Oceanvolt AXC20 (20 kW)
Max. Speed:15 knots
Cruising Speed9 knots
Range @ 9 knots:42 nm (30 kWh) / 80 nm (60 kWh)
Range @ 15 knots:22 nm / 40 nm
Charging Time: (0 % - 100 %)ca. 13 hours

1613 Hoek 76 Chase Boat Tender

23m Chase Boat/Tender by Hoek Design

Hoek Design (known for classically designed yachts) presents renderings of a 23m tender/chase boat for a sailing yacht also designed by Hoek.

The yacht respectively chase boat/tender is currently under construction at Claasen Shipyards. This project marks the 27th collaboration between these companies. According to the designer, the yacht serves to transport guests to the mothership with maximum comfort. Furthermore, it will be a diving platform, has some extra storage spaces and extra crew. Sounds like a very special looking support ship.

The yacht has a top speed of 25 knots, powered by two SCANIA engines with 925 hp. The operating range is 750 nautical miles, the cruising speed is 15 knots.

1613 Hoek 76 Chase Boat Tender
1613 76 ft Chase Boat Hoek
Hoek 76 Chase Boat Tender

Foiler Hydrofoil Boat

Foiler - The stylish Way to cruise

Enata Marine from the United Arabian Emirates presents the FOILER.

Old engineering new discovered – the history of hydrofoils began in 1906 in Italy when Enrico Forlanini crossed the Lake Maggiore with 38 knots. Since a few years, naval architects used it for catamarans the America’s Cup boats. Now, the trend goes to motorboats again.

Okay, back to the protagonist – the FOILER – a boat with a size of 9.45 meters and carbon fiber retractable hydrofoils to store it in a superyacht tender garage.

Foiler Hydrofoil Boat
Foiler Hydrofoil Boat
Foiler Hydrofoil Boat

The propulsion system contains two BMW engines with 320 hp each, two electric generators and two electric engines. Foiling starts at a speed of 18 knots and flies 1.5m above the sea.

The price of the boat is € 990,000 without VAT and delivery in Dubai.

Maximum Speed

40 knots

Range at 30 knots

130 nautical miles

Electric Range at 10 knots


Enata Marine explains:

“Virtually eliminating seasickness in passengers while soaring over choppy waters, the unique design of the FOILER increases your speed while reducing the effects of drag on fuel consumption. Glide across waves of up to 2 meters with little to no disruption to passenger experience and leaving up to three times less wake than a conventional yacht.”

Picture and video credits: Guillaume Plisson

Another Hydrofoil Boat

Iguana Commuter

Iguana Commuter - Amphibious Tender

Iguana Yachts presents the evolution of their Iguana 29 and comes up with the Iguana Commuter - also with a chain drive.

One of the new boats will serve as a tender for M/Y Spectre that is currently under construction at Benetti. The 9m amphibious boat comes with a cabin and a top speed of 42 knots in the water with the optional 400 hp engines. The driver seat is an anti-shock seat that offers a smooth ride for the driver.

The drive chain can be easily controlled by two joysticks. When the boat is beached, a fully integrated ladder at the stern can be folded out electrically (iPhone remote) to enter or leave the boat.

Iguana Commuter Interior

An automatic depth measure system allows very comfortable anchor maneuvers. The system controls the ideal length of the anchor chain.

asap watercraft electric board

Toys: Asap Wave Jam - Electric Board

That looks like a funny addition to the tender and toy garage for superyachts - the electric board Asap Wave Jam

Sometimes you meet great and interesting people on the fly. During the boot Düsseldorf, I had a talk with the guys from the Peter Diving System at their booth when Ross Kemp, Director & Founder of Asap watercrafts (Asap = as soon as possible) came by with the board on his back. Yes, there are also other electric boards but asap comes not from the yachting side but rather from the rescue side. It is obvious that technology has to operate in case of emergency.

Because superyachting is a lot of exclusive and customized stuff, I could imagine of a carbon fiber version with the yacht’s name and the color scheme of the yacht or a version painted by an artist.

However, the board has a runtime of 40 – 60 minutes, can be recharged in 90 minutes and has a top speed of 16 8.7 knots (about 16 km/h), weighs 23 kilograms and is powered by 50V Lithium-ion battery (1.46kWh, 31.2Ah).

Richard Branson, the famous founder of the Virgin Group commented the board:

“I have a deep passion for protecting the ocean but I am also familiar with the dangers they hold.

I have had my share of close shaves, and have been rescued from sinking boats and balloons many times, even had to swim for shore once clinging to a plank of wood.

I think the Asap watercraft is a fantastic invention and will be a wonderful success in Australia. Anything that can help lifeguards reach drowning casualties faster must be a good thing.”

Overview Leisure & Rescue model

Asap water craft - Leisure model overview
Asap water craft - Rescue model overview

Peter Diving System Yacht

PETER Diving System

The Mallorca-based company PETER Diving offers a surface-supply diving system that supplies air to up to 3 divers at a time.

For the first, I know nothing about diving but I think it is a good addition for the tender and toy garage (when we talk about bigger yachts) or the locker (when we talk about smaller yachts) to explore the underwater world or work on the underwater ship (rope in propellor etc.).

These are just my thoughts as a diving greenhorn (and some facts from Peter Diving). My experience is a bit snorkeling and I was three times with an oxygen bottle on my back in shallow waters.

The kit comes with a standard hose system (6m / 20 ft is the maximum depth where there is no decompression risk) but can be limited to 1m or 2m to keep the kids at a safe depth while you can see where they are at all times, same as it would a jetski passing by. It is also possible to extend the hose for emergencies (retrieve a stuck anchor or even a Rolex that falls overboard). Optimum versatility is achieved as PETER Diving sells all kind of lengths and connection type of hoses, so like a Lego game you can configure it to fulfill your particular needs.

The PETER Diving company has been able to do some noise in their limited lifetime (released the PETER Yacht Kit the last edition of METS Trade Show), creating new value in different markets such as their original start-point recreational diving (see map of Authorised PETER Points where you can try it out) to later apply the concept to scientific diving, therapeutical diving or even art. Yes, you read well – PETER Diving joined forces with yacht art consultants and chandeliers Crystal Caviar to set up the first ever underwater art installation.

The scientist from NGO Coral Guardian are working in ecosystem restoration to depths of 10-15m, and now also the Institute of Advanced Mediterranean Studies has been trained by PETER Diving and are now using their concept for underwater field work.

Furthermore, and responding to the requirements of the yachting industry, the PETER Diving System is CE-internationally certified and has been tested and approved by the Spanish Maritime Rescue, but most importantly, the PETER Diving specialty training course for the users and crews is available in the Scuba Schools International.

This fulfills the international standards World Scuba Recreational Training Council. All this make it the only surface-supply diving system available for the yachting industry out in the market, as all liabilities are covered by yacht insurances, even those regarding the charter guests. Actually, you can now find it in the catalog of toys recommended by Superyacht Tenders & Toys.

Peter Diving Princess Seabob

The air tanks are available in stainless steel (12 and 15 liters) but also in carbon fiber (9L and 12L, weighing only 7kg and 10kg). Carbon fiber cylinders can also hold a 50% more air capacity (300 bar / 4500psi) supplying more air from a container with less volume and weight. The latter, together with the multi-user feature, made by PETER Diving System the lightest and most compact diving set ever.

To sum up, PETER is an out-of-the-box system. You just need to fill the tanks with air. The Basic Kit (without tanks) starts at 2,349 EUR, Steel Kit with a 12L steel cylinder comes to 2,589 EUR and the Carbon Kit (9L tank) as the best diving solution for yachts has a retail price of 2.879 EUR. Reasonable prices if you take into account how much a SCUBA set for only one person can cost and that these kits come with equipment for 2 divers, while the Extra Diver’s Kit to add a third is just 149 EUR.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible Yacht Inspired Galene Edition

Onshore Tender: Yacht Inspired Bentley GT

Bentley presents a luxury yacht inspired Galene Edition Bentley GT Convertible by Mulliner

The Galene Edition comes in a limited edition of just 30 cars. The car has a bright appearance through the Glacier White paintwork and the 21-inch polished wheels. Additionally, a fine blue line underscores the maritime feeling. Furthermore, it features fine pinstripe walnut in the interior that looks a bit like a teak deck.

Mulliner (Bentley’s bespoke division) created this one in collaboration with Princess Yachts.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible Yacht Inspired Galene Edition
Bentley Continental GT Convertible Yacht Inspired Galene Edition
Bentley Continental GT Convertible Yacht Inspired Galene Edition
Bentley Continental GT Convertible Yacht Inspired Galene Edition

The car is powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine with 507 PS and is equipped with a four-layered retractable hood. Bentley promises the same quiet feeling that the coupé version has.

Yacht in the background: Princess 35M

Bentley Continental GT Convertible Yacht Inspired Galene Edition
Bentley Continental GT Convertible Yacht Inspired Galene Edition

AM37 Aston Martin Yacht

AM 37 - The yacht addition to your Aston Martin car

The AM37 is the answer of an Aston Martin on the water.

This 11.10m sports boat, designed by Aston Martin comes under the brand of Quintessence Yachts with naval architecture by Mulder Design.

The yacht has a top speed of 50 knots in its “S” version, powered by 2 x Mercury Racing 520. This version offers a range of 160 nm at a cruising speed of 45 knots. The normal petrol version reaches 45 knots and has a range of 260 nm with a speed of 40 knots. Quintessence Yachts offers also Diesel engines.

Power, Beauty and Soul

The designers have the aspiration to integrate the Aston Martin style into the yachts.

Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer at Aston Martin comments:

“The new AM37 powerboats are the very definition of understated elegance and reflect the Aston Martin DNA in every way possible. Their timeless style will be instantly recognizable to fans of the Aston Martin brand.”

Bas Mulder, Naval Architect, and Designer:

“The philosophy behind the Aston Martin powerboats is to make a sporty boat, not a sports boat– a superbly designed vessel that also offers the type of comfort Aston Martin car owners have come to expect. It will ensure you an awesome experience.”

Aston Martin AM37 Cockpit

The cockpit reminds a bit of a Tesla with its big 15 inch HD screen. It is the control system for navigation, monitoring, and entertainment. Guests can control sound, lighting, and appliances. The owner has also an additional display for the boat’s core functions (engine monitoring, navigation, etc.). Air condition, fridge and coffee machine can be started by remote devices before arriving the marina. Also, a voice control is available.

One of the great features of the AM37 is the sliding deck. Don’t untie a tarpaulin anymore. Just sliding the cover/roof back and you have access to the boat. It serves also as a bimini top.

Lilium Jet Air Yacht Tender

Air Tender: Lilium Jet - the electric vertical take-off aircraft

The German start-up company Lilium presents the Lilium Jet - an electric vertical take-off aircraft (VTOL).

The idea behind the Lilium Jet is to create an air taxi to save time in the city. I think it is also a good idea as an air tender for superyachts. It offers space for up to five passengers, a speed of 300 km/h and an operating range of 300 km.

Daniel Wiegand, CEO of Lilium comments:

“Seeing the Lilium Jet take to the sky and performing sophisticated maneuvers with apparent ease is testament to the skill and perseverance of our amazing team. We have solved some of the toughest engineering challenges in aviation to get to this point.

“The successful test flight programme shows that our ground-breaking technical design works exactly as we envisioned. We can now turn our focus to designing the five seater production aircraft.”

The Lilium Jet is made of carbon to save weight and is powered by 36 jet engines mounted on its wings with 12 movable flaps.

“Safety is of primary concern of Lilium, and the Jet is designed along the principle of Ultra Redundancy: The aircraft’s engines are individually shielded, so the failure of a single unit cannot affect adjacent engines.”

Cockwells Landing Craft Range Rover

Landing Craft Tender to carry full-size SUV by Cockwells

British boat builder Cockwells presents a landing craft tender to carry big SUVs like Range Rover.

Landing Craft? Yes, it is not just for the military, it is also a great support tender for owners who wants to discover the destination ashore in their own vehicle. But when you are in an anchor bay, it is not easy to carry a car to the beach. Cockwells developed a 14.5-metre tender to carry luxury SUVs to the land.


Cockwells Landing Craft Range Rover

“Once again, we are combining innovative engineering with exquisite craftsmanship to produce a design that stands out from the crowd, utilises every inch of space including bow storage for the anchor and fenders, and incorporates a wealth of features that make it highly desirable and a joy to handle,” explains Founder and Managing Director, Dave Cockwell. “In this, our twentieth year of building beautiful bespoke boats, we are delighted to launch this 14.5m custom landing craft and are confident that there is no other British design to rival it. We look forward to hearing from potential clients who would like to work with us to custom-build it to their precise requirements and make it uniquely theirs.”

Cockwells Landing Craft SUV

Air Tender Airbus H145 Mercedes Benz Style

Air Tender: Airbus H145 Mercedes-Benz Style - Arrive in style on your superyacht

Helicopters on yachts are the most expensive tenders but also very fast tenders to provide an express transport. Here comes the Airbus H145 in its Mercedes-Benz Style.

Airbus H145 in Mercedes-Benz Style edition comes with a luxurious interior to explore the world around your yacht in a comfortable cabin.

“Inspired by the top-of-the-range vehicles of the brand with the star, the H145 Mercedes-Benz Style offers a redesigned cabin interior that includes in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, an improved infotainment system and new seat design for increased ergonomic comfort,” said Frederic Lemos, Airbus Helicopters’ Head of Private & Business Aviation Europe. “Customers wishing to further personalize their aircraft will be able to work directly with Airbus Helicopters and the creative design teams at Mercedes-Benz Style to define their unique cabin environment”. 

The interior has a flexible arrangement. You can fly with 4 or eight passengers or your crew can remove the seats to transport luggage or bigger goods.

Mercedes-Benz Style is also known for their work on the yacht model Arrow460.