The UK design studios Claydon Reeves and BMT Nigel Gee present the project Chuan based on Extreme Semi-SWATH (XSS) advanced catamaran hull.

The SWATH technology has the advantage that it reduces the movement in the swell. So the yacht lays quieter on the water.  The design is anchored in Asian architecture and traditions without generic Western misinterpretation. The layout can be adjusted to function either as an impressive social space or a more intimate family based environment with a spacious full beam master cabin aft on the bridge deck. Large sections of glass in the main deck floor allow occupants a unique view between the hulls, particularly when lit up at night. An articulated beach area and dive club unfold at water level, bridging the space between the two hulls and creating an unprecedented width of over 15m.

James Claydon, Director of Claydon Reeves commented:

“We returned to the catamaran platform for Chuan for the sheer volume it delivers. Throughout the yacht there are spaces of surprising size, be it the expansive foredeck or the huge open-plan galley and dining area.”

The Extreme Semi-SWATH operates successfully in the offshore energy industry. Fast ships to safe time and keeping swell to work safely on the offshore wind turbines.

James Roy, Yacht Design Director at BMT Nigel Gee concluded:

“Owners, and indeed our wider industry, are quite traditional in the choice of hull-form. It would be nice to see a greater take-up of safely hull platforms. Our XSS provides the best compromise between performance and the sea-keeping ability for a high-speed catamaran and Claydon Reeves have demonstrated with Project Chuan just how that volume can be put to use for dramatic effect.”