Oceanic 76 'Bull'

Oceanic 76 'Bull' - Fast Expedition Vessel

The Oceanic 76 is the entry model of fast expedition vessels by Italian shipyard Canados

Oceanic 76 is the entry level of the Oceanic Line. Her bigger sisters are available in 95 feet, 120 feet, and 140 feet. This model has a maximum speed of 26 to 32+ knots and a cruising speed of 20 – 27 knots and a range up to 320 nautical miles at 20 knots depending on engine configuration. Canados says it took just 5 months from scratch to built the yacht.

Michel Karsenti, owner of the shipyard:

“I am naturally proud of seeing our first new model build in a record time going in the water today. I am even prouder, that despite the technical complication of this specific model and her 5-month built time, she is delivered only one day late despite 12 days of permissible delays according to contract. But my true pride is to work with people like you. You’ve been working 7 days a week to make a client happy, to deliver a superb yacht and this is the true testimony of the shipyard’s philosophy and what makes Canados so unique…”

Oceanic 76 'Bull'
Oceanic 76 'Bull'
Oceanic 76 'Bull'

Statement by the owner and his wife:

“When we signed the contract, we were convinced that the boat could not be finished at the promised date, but the Oceanic 76’ GT was really the most desirable boat to us. Today, I can say that we both can’t believe what we see.

The respect of the delivery time, the incredible quality in the smallest details is beyond expectations! We are today, very proud to be part of the Canados family. The boat you’ve built for us is truly a super-yacht in a small boat package. We previously had 5 boats build in Italy and let me say it, Canados represents the epitome of Italian Excellence. Thank you so much!”.

The Renowned Cristiano Gatto Design Team is responsible for the interior design and assists future owners realizing their dream interior.

“Working with Canados requires discipline from a design standpoint in the sense we have to adapt some of our modern designs to traditional hand manufacturing that, nowadays, are rarely found anywhere. Myself and the entire team at Cristiano Gatto Design are really proud as we know from fact, anything is possible at Canados and every detail will always be produced in the best possible way. We experienced great collaboration with Canados in the past and I know their interiors can only exceed both my team and the client’s expectations. I must also say that it is very convenient to visit the shipyard during a project and jump from the boat under production to the 2,000 square meter joinery shed and discuss any details with Canados exceptional craftsmen”.

Main Specifications

Length over all:23,70 m
Beam:5,80 m
Draft:1.98 m
Guest Cabins:1 owner - 1 VIP – 1 or 2 Twins
Crew:1 or 2
Main Engines:Twin Caterpillar C 18 Acert / 845 kW - 1,150 hp Twin Man V12 /1,140 kW - 1,550 hp Twin Caterpillar C32 Acert / 1,081 kW – 1,450 hp
Top Speed:from 26 to 32 + Knots
Cruising Speed:20 to 27 Knots
Range:up to 360 NM at 20 knots

Oceanic Yachts 90 Tsa Tsa

Oceanic 90 "Tsa Tsa"

Canados presents more details and images of their Oceanic 90 TSA TSA during her sea trials.

Amongst the amenities offered by this first yacht is an upper deck owner’s suite with private terrace, while a VIP plus two guest cabins are located on the lower deck.

The interior decoration is a result of a study undertaken by the in-house design studio in conjunction with the Owner. The primary timbers used throughout will consist of limed Grey Oak, Macassar Ebony, Wengé, lacquered wood and wood floors.

Oceanic Yachts 90 Tsa Tsa
Oceanic Yachts 90 Tsa Tsa
Oceanic Yachts 90 Tsa Tsa

The convertible aft deck of TSA TSA, with oversized modular sofas, will stow a 6.50m diesel powered SACS tender while two 3-seater personal water-crafts, 2 Seabobs, and one JetLev will be stored in the transom garage. An additional stand-up JetSki will be installed on the deck, right under the 1.5-ton capacity Opacmare crane.

TSA TSA‘s engine room will be buffered from the lower deck amenities by a spectacular sound insulation system engineered like on a 50-meter yacht and the by the vast crew quarters and custom made galley.

As the entire Oceanic Yachts production – OY 90 #1 maintains the brand-new philosophy whose main features are: extended outdoor and indoor living volumes, ability to carry large toys and tenders, high performance and ability to navigate at economic speed with low fuel consumption, resulting in reduced overall operating costs.

Oceanic Yachts 90 Tsa Tsa
Oceanic Yachts 90 Tsa Tsa
Oceanic Yachts 90 Tsa Tsa

About Oceanic 90

The conceptual architecture of the underwater part of the hull of the Oceanic 90′ was a challenge in itself. Despite the numerous tank tests Oceanic Yachts did at the “INSEAN”, the Rome tank testing facility and the very positive results they obtained, the actual scale one results were beyond expectations. The goal was to find a hull design that would allow reducing the buoyancy of the aft part of the hull but that would also allow for very low-speed planing as well as a top end speed at least similar to most motor yachts this size.

Oceanic Yachts managing director, Michel Karsenti, refers:

“I must say we achieved all our goals. We wanted to reduce buoyancy aft to be able to run the boat at low speed with the handling that would be as close as possible to a typical displacement hull”.

Below 15 knots, the balance of the hull is similar to a heavy displacement boat, which reduces the bouncing every planning hull suffers at slow speed. By staying perfectly flat, the boat benefits from a longer running surface that allows the boat to run with minimal kW needs. At 8 knots, the Oceanic 90′ burns just under 40 liters of diesel for both engines, while at 10 knots, the consumption is 70 liters.

The underwater exhaust positioned just before the second step of the hull allow to run on plane as slow as 16.5 knots, which is a true achievement.

The first Oceanic 90′ was overbuilt but still runs at 22 knots cruising and can reach 26.8 knots at full speed with 2/3 load (record in Cannes during the Cannes Yachting Festival 2014)

“The production series will be built with an entire Kevlar superstructure that will reduce the weight, lower the center of gravity, and we are confident we will then be able to reach 23 knots cruising speed and more than 27 knots top speed”, ends Karsenti

Main Specifications

Length over all:27.80 m
Length water line:22.75 m
Max. beam:7.00 m
Cruising speed:23 knots
Max. speed:27 knots
Engines:Twin CAT C32 Acert 1,950 HP
Range @ cruising speed:450 nm
Max. tender size:6.50 m
Draft:2.00 m
Clearence:9.10 m
Fuel capacity:11.200 l
Black water:800 l
Grey water:700 l
Water capacity:2.000 l
Guest cabins:2 guest + 1 VIP
Owner's suite:Private upper deck
Crew:3 to 4 in 2 cabins

Oceanic 140 Yacht

Oceanic Yachts 140 - Diesel-Electric Explorer Yacht

The Oceanic 140 of the Oceanic explorer yacht line is a greatly designed explorer yacht with diesel-electric-propulsion. This concept has a launched smaller sister.

The hull and superstructure of the Oceanic 140 by Oceanic Yachts in Rome, Italy are already completed. This one will be in the DiElec (Diesel-Electric) version with Pods. The delivery is planned for early 2015. You can see her on several boat shows in 2015.

The superstructure features modern materials like Kevlar/Aramat, a state-of-the-art material employed in aeronautics. Aramat offers substantial gains in weight and strength. The 140 is powered by triple MTU 16V2000 M94 engines producing 2,600 hp each coupled to Fortjes counter rotating propellers pod drives. Two additional Auxilia electric 120 kW motors allow her to run in diesel-electric configuration at 8.5-knots with a fuel consumption of 50 liters per hour. When being on the run on the three MTU, the 140’ is capable of a cruising speed in the region of 23 knots for a top end speed of 27 knots. Her range is 5,700 nautic miles.

Oceanic 140 Yacht
Oceanic Yachts 140
Oceanic Yachts 140

The interior design of Oceanic 140’ hull #1 is by award winning Rome based designer Michela Reverberi. The vast wheelhouse of the Oceanic 140 is located on the main deck, ensuring the entire upper deck is reserved solely to accommodate the Owner’s private apartment. Along with panoramic views from a high vantage point, this magnificent suite includes a 25 square meters. meter en-suite with steam bath, a secluded terrace with Jacuzzi facing forward, plus a private aft outdoor interior with private dining area and lounges. The fly bridge, equipped with bar, sun-pads and full bathroom, has been cleverly conceived to cater for relaxing days and lively evening parties alike.

The main features are extended outdoor and indoor living volumes, ability to carry large toys and tenders, high performance and ability to navigate at economic speed with low fuel consumption, resulting in reduced overall operating costs.

Main Specification

Length over all:42.95 m
Beam:8.22 m
Draft:2.60 m
Max. speed:27 knots (diesel) / 8.5 Knots on electrical Engines
Cruising speed:23 Knots / 7.5 Knots on electrical Engines
Diesel engines:Triple MTU 16V 2000 M94
Electrical engines:2 x 120 kW Auxilia
Range @ cruising speed:720 NM (23 Knots)
Range under Electric:5.400 NM (less than 50 liters / per hour fuel consumption
Max. tender size:6.50 m
Fuel capacity:37,200 liters

Oceanic Yachts - a new line of explorer yachts

Oceanic Yachts is an exciting new line of explorer yachts from Cantieri Navale di Ostia – Canados. A range of fast explorer vessels - spanning 90’ to 140’ - which is the result of a close interaction with the customers of the 66-year Italian builder and a constant monitoring of the global yachting market’s evolution.

The said interaction drove to a brand-new philosophy whose main features are: extended outdoor and indoor living volumes, ability to carry large toys and tenders, high performance and ability to navigate at economic speed with low fuel consumption, resulting in reduced overall operating costs.

In order to achieve the above it was necessary to rethink the whole fundamentals of the fast yachts concept. Ensuring clients could achieve their legitimate goals, Oceanic Yachts designed and developed an innovative hull concept named "Displanning", a combination of the words ‘displacement’ and ‘planning’.

The “Displanning” hull concept offers the best of both displacement and semi- planning configurations, more specifically displacement at speeds under 14-knots and semi-planning above that speed. In general, displacement speeds offer low consumption and longer range, while semi-planning offers higher performance.

For propulsion the entry-level Oceanic Yachts 90’ is available in a diesel version with two Caterpillar C32 Acert engines coupled to conventional straight shafts (STS model). The hull design incorporates twin steps that significantly reduce the hydrodynamic resistance at cruising speed (24 knots) and produces a top speed of 27/28 knots.

Oceanic Yachts 90'

The "DiElec" model – which stands for Diesel-Electric propulsion – is a true innovation of the Oceanic range. In this version, the 90' can run either on its two Caterpillar engines coupled to Fortjes pods with counter rotating propellers for speeds up to 28 knots or, alternately, on its two electric motors powered by generators.

The second Oceanic Yachts model that will be launched, the 140’, features a superstructure made of Aramat, a state-of-the-art material employed in aeronautics, an exceptionally light and strong combination. The 140’s power is provided by three MTU 16V2000 M94 engines, each producing 2,600hp. Two additional 120 kW Auxilia electric motors allow her to navigate in diesel- electric configuration at 8.5-knots with less than 50 litres per hour of fuel consumption. This yacht can be also run on conventional diesel power up to 28 knots.

What makes this yacht unique is the combination of diesel-electric engine with the "Displanning" high-performance hull concept conceived by Arrabito Naval Design. The twin-stepped hull reduces friction and increases low speed performance and stability, thanks to a specifically designed bulb. The result is a 43-metres yacht capable of 4,900 nautical miles range at 8.5-knots, but also keen on cruising between 22 and 24-knots, with a top speed close to 28 knots.

As with Canados, each Oceanic Yachts’ product reflects the distinctive aspirations of the owners. Every single element is carefully designed, handcrafted for each boat and carefully selected or created bespoke by artisans, from furniture to the smallest details.

Oceanic 140 DiElec

Length:42,95 m
Beam:8,22 m
Top speed:27 knots under diesel – 8.5 Knots under Diesel Electric
Power package:Triple MTU 16V2000 M94 @ 2,600 hp coupled to Fortjes pods + twin Auxilia 120 kW electric engines

Oceanic 140 Support

Length:42,95 m
Beam:8,22 m
Top speed:20 knots under diesel – 8.5 Knots under Diesel Electric
Power package:Twin MTU 16V2000 M94 @ 2,600 hp coupled to Fortjes pods + twin Auxilia 120 kW electric engines

Oceanic 90 STS

Length over all:27.80 m
Beam:7.00 m
Draft:2.00 m
Top speed:27.5 knots
Cruising speed:23 knots
Range @ Cruising speed:450 nm
Power package:Twin Caterpillar C32 Acert @1,925 hp
Max. Tender size:6.5 m
Crew:4 in 2 cabins
Owner's suite:Private upper deck

Oceanic 90 DiElec

Length:27,80 m
Beam:7,00 m
Top speed:27.5 knots under diesel – 9 Knots under Diesel Electric
Power package:Twin Caterpillar C32 Acert @1,925 hp coupled to Fortjes pods + twin Auxilia 80 kW electric engines