POWER PLAY Support Vessel

Support Vessel POWER PLAY by Damen

Damen built a new support vessel: POWER PLAY

POWER PLAY is a sister ship of SHADOW (ex New Frontiers) and AXIS (ex Fast and Furious). The Vessel marks the sixth delivery of the YS 5009 range. The superyacht support vessel accommodates six guests in three cabins. Guests can enjoy a sundeck and a lounge with a panoramic view.

POWER PLAY Support Vessel
POWER PLAY Support Vessel

DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen:

“It’s inspiring to see how a new generation of owners is driving this market. It’s very dynamic, it’s not the conventional thinking about luxury yachting. Our clients have fantastic ideas for diving, aircraft, luxury toys and serious boats. They are planning adventures of a lifetime and even getting involved in underwater exploration, science, film-making or racing yacht events. As a shipbuilder, it’s exciting to be a part of making their ideas a reality.”

POWER PLAY Support Vessel Dive Center

50 m² Dive Center

POWER PLAY Support Vessel

Equipped with a 12 t crane and an A-Frame crane at the aft

NEW FRONTIERS (now SHADOW) – a sister of the new one

NEW FRONTIERS Damen Yacht Support


DAMEN launched the new 55m Yacht Support Vessel SHADOW (ex NEW FRONTIERS).

SHADOW comes up with an owner’s suite on the main deck has a total accommodation for six additional guests in three suites with a focus on low noise and vibrations. There is also extra cabins for additional staff like pilots or security staff. Furthermore, there is a lounge and dining area of 30 sqm and a sundeck of 50 sqm.

The big main deck offers 240 sqm of space for tenders, toys, containers, and helicopter (with a maximum take-off weight of 3,700 kg). 190 sqm of these are equipped with standard fittings to lash the load. A knuckle-boom crane with a capacity of 12 tons can load very big tenders. At an outreach of 11.50m, the crane has a capacity of six tons. Also, an A-Frame crane can be installed to launch a submarine easily. Interior shots in the first video.

NEW FRONTIERS Damen Yacht Support
NEW FRONTIERS Yacht Support Vessel Damen

The vessel has a top speed of 20 knots and an operating range of 5,000 nautical miles and a draft of 3.20m. A good draft to have access in smaller marinas and shallow waters. At the aft are additional storages for dive equipment and water sports.

Commercial Director Rose Damen explains:

“NEW FRONTIERS is ripping up the rule book. It’s still a Yacht Support vessel, but you can’t put this vessel into one category or another – and that reflects exactly the wishes of our clients. They want their holiday to be about freedom and spontaneity – NEW FRONTIERS makes that possible. Whether it’s a weekend dive adventure trip away from their superyacht or enjoying two locations at once linked by helicopter, it’s all about unforgettable experiences and freedom. We’re very excited to introduce NEW FRONTIERS in Monaco.”

NEW FRONTIERS Yacht Support Vessel Damen

DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen comments:

“A Yacht Support vessel offers superyacht owners more luxury yachting fun than ever, but at a much lower Total Cost of Ownership than acquiring more capability with a larger yacht. Plus, they get all the benefits of flexible operations, straightforward maintenance, and privacy. That’s why we call it the Smart Stretch.”

Main Specifications

Length over all:55.30 m
Beam:9.00 m
Draft:3.20 m
Gross Tonnage:496
Naval Architecture:DAMEN
Deck Space:290 sqm
Range:5,000 nautical miles
Deck Crane:12,000 kg
Max. Heli Weight:3,700 kg
Maximum Speed:20 knots

Game Changer Damen

Support Vessel GAME CHANGER by Damen

Game Changer belongs to the Yacht Support Vessels by Damen and was presented to the public in London.

Game Changer‘s most interesting feature is the LY3 certified helicopter hangar to carry the air tender the whole time. The hangar protects it from the environmental. Also for commercial/charter use. Maximum weight of helicopter: 5,000 kg for operations with larger helicopters. There is also a refueling system with a 10,000-liter tank.

AMELS Commercial Director Rose Damen says:

GAME CHANGER made a big impression on the owners, captains, brokers and designers who joined us on board, particularly with its helicopter capability and all-weather protected hangar. When it comes to superyacht helipad design and operation, many in the industry are re-examining accepted practice and rethinking the level of risk that we are asking owners to accept for their family and friends. GAME CHANGER really offers the ultimate yachting solution for professional helicopter operations.”

Game Changer Damen

Yacht Support Vessels are a growing trend. Game Changer is the fourth unit of DAMEN’s 70m class. The mother company of AMELS offers a range from 43 – 89m.

DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen notes:

“This was a great opportunity to offer a closer look at the Yacht Support concept – which is still a relatively new phenomenon in the industry. A Yacht Support vessel is a massive leap forward in capability for the growing number of owners who want to do more with more equipment, more toys, and more staff. Our vessels are perfectly equipped to support wide-ranging superyacht operations, but with a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership than acquiring a larger yacht. Plus, owners get all the benefits of flexible operations and privacy. That’s why we call it the Smart Stretch.”

Game Changer Damen Comparison

Rose Damen continues:

“Being so close to London – Tower Bridge is just 150 miles from AMELS – makes visiting the city very easy. London is an important superyacht center in its own right with a large number of clients as well as the brokerage community. We really noticed that when visitors came on board to judge the solution for themselves, they left very enthusiastic about all the possibilities that a Yacht Support vessel opens up. Last year we successfully exhibited a Yacht Support vessel in Fort Lauderdale and we hope to bring another vessel to Monaco later this year.”

Heli Hangar Yacht Support Vessel

Profile & Deck Layout

Game Changer Damen Profile

Game Changer Damen Deck Layout
Deck Layout

Main Specifications

Length over all:69.15 m
Beam:11.50 m
Draft:3.65 m
Gross Tonnage:1,200
Naval Architecture:DAMEN
Deck Space:250 sqm
Range:4.500 nautical miles
Deck Crane:12,000 kg
Max. Heli Weight:5,000 kg
Maximum Speed:22 knots

Impressions from London

Game Changer Damen Jeff Brown

Captured by Jeff Brown of Breed Media

Captured by Michal Bageensky

Launch Footage

SeaXplorer Damen Amels

Amels / Damen SeaXplorer (Expedition Yacht 55 - 100m)

Damen (the mother company of Amels) presents a concept of a massive designed expedition ice class yacht called SeaXplorer - A luxury SUV for the seven seas.

Damen is normally the part of commercial ships, the Yacht Support Vessels and the mother company of AMELS. Now they unveiled this explorer yacht with an impressive vertical bow. The yacht concepts are available in the sizes of 55m, 65m, 75m, 90m and 100m. All versions can carry helicopter(s), submarine(s) and various tenders.

SeaXplorer Damen Amels
SeaXplorer Damen Amels
SeaXplorer Damen Amels

Ice Breaker Hull

The yacht range has ice-class up to class 6 to break 90 cm first-year ice. The yacht uses its stern to break the ice to keep comfort and performance at a maximum.

SeaXplorer Damen Amels

Rob Lujiendijk – CEO of AMELS says

“A number of experienced yachting clients approached us about adapting DAMEN’s professional vessels, so we knew from them that there were simply no globally capable luxury explorer yachts out there. And that’s also what we heard from EYOS Expeditions who have decades of experience in bespoke luxury expeditions to the wildest places on the planet. So that’s why DAMEN began developing the SeaXplorer. The result is well beyond a pretty rendering. It’s a fully developed range – something only DAMEN could do.”

Although SeaXplorer looks heavy, massive and bold, inside will be the pure luxury for journeys with maximum comfort.

SeaXplorer Damen Amels
SeaXplorer Damen Amels Interior
SeaXplorer Damen Amels Interior

55m SeaXplorer

Update September 27, 2017: Damen presents plans for a 55m version.

“With a SeaXplorer 75 and a SeaXplorer 65 from our range already sold and now under construction, this new design benefits from our dedicated SeaXplorer team’s experience and the input from our clients and partners. The SeaXplorer 55 will be at home just as much in the South of France as it is in South Georgia Island.”

Product Director Mark Vermeulen:

“The SeaXplorer 55 is a luxury yacht with real go-anywhere, do-anything expedition pedigree. It has the seakeeping performance and Ice Class capability, but we also offer lots of options for our clients – from full fairing and custom interiors to tailor-made configurations for their expedition equipment.”

75m Version

Update August 15, 2017: Damen announced the sale of a 75m version with a hangar for two helicopters protected from the elements.

“Together with his guests, our client plans to visit some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the world,” comments Commercial Director Rose Damen. “They will be skiing and snowboarding on pristine slopes like Kamchatka and submersible diving and sports fishing in Papua New Guinea and the Galápagos Islands. They will be in places with no supporting infrastructure, no roads and no heliports within range. So we designed the SeaXplorer 75 to carry out such complex operations with the highest level of safety, redundancy and autonomy.”

“Our designs in the SeaXplorer range are a great starting point to quickly create customized yachts for specific Owner requirements,” comments Mark Vermeulen, DAMEN Product Director. “The SeaXplorer 75 shares the range’s core attributes: compliance with the IMO Polar Code, the long periods of autonomy at sea, and the crossover of superyacht luxury with professional capability.” 

Damen SeaXplorer 75m

Damen SeaXplorer 75

Key Features 75m

  • Swim Platform leading to Dive Centre (prep, changing, dry room, tank store and compressor room)
  • Below-deck submersible hangar
  • Below-deck toy store for jet skis, snowmobiles, etc
  • Tender garage for 10.5-metre beach party landing craft
  • Additional dive support tender and crew/rescue tender
  • Wellness Center
  • Sun Deck jacuzzi
  • Retractable zero-speed stabilizers for use in ice conditions
  • Huge Tank Deck provisions stores and garbage management

Some rendering impressions


SeaXplorer 65 m
SeaXplorer 65 m

SeaXplorer 90 m
SeaXplorer 90 m

SeaXplorer 100 m
SeaXplorer 100 m

Yacht Support Vessel Sea Axe

69m Yacht Support Vessel with Heli Hangar

AMELS and DAMEN sold a new 69m Yacht Support Vessel - the first one with fully enclosed LY3 / MCA certified helicopter hangar.

The fifth yacht support vessel is currently under construction (SEA AXE 6911) in the Netherlands. The delivery is planned for June 2016 to the owner.

Yacht Support Vessel Sea Axe
Yacht Support Vessel Sea Axe

SEA AXE 6911 will have a helicopter workshop under the deck and also a well-equipped dive area. The vessel accommodates a crew of 22, has 250 m² space for tenders and toys in addition to 110 m² storage below the deck.

Heli Hangar Yacht Support Vessel

Mark Vermeulen, product manager explains

“In fact, the owner’s team came to us with a lot of client-specific customisations for what was then our 67-meter platform,” he explains. “They put a lot of thought into how the owner would like to operate the Yacht Support Vessel in combination with the mother yacht. This has created new possibilities within the design, resulting in an extremely high-end yachting experience. Now we’ve put a lot of that client feedback into the updated design – the SEA AXE 6911.”

Ocean Warrior Damen Support Vessel Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd ordered Support Vessel at Damen

Sea Shepherd - the international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization ordered a new ship based on the yacht support vessel design by Damen Shipyards, christened Ocean Warrior.

Ocean Warrior – the name is the program and a very good addition to the Sea Shepherd fleet. Damen is known in the yachting industry as mother company of yacht builder

Damen is known in the yachting industry as mother company of yacht builder Amels. Actually presented as a yacht support vessel, Damen builds a support vessel for Sea Shepherd after they received 8.3 Mio. EUR from the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

The new vessel will be used to stop illegal fishing in the southern ocean.

“”Sea Shepherd will now be able to have a custom-designed ship built, capable of achieving speeds that far exceed any of the vessels in our current fleet. After researching possible ship builders for the last two years, negotiations with Dutch shipbuilder Damen has resulted in a blueprint of our ideal ship””

said Alex Cornelissen, CEO of Sea Shepherd Global.

360-degree Tour

Helicopter Hangar Yacht

Helicopter Hangar on Support Vessels by Damen/Amels

Helicopter Hangar on seas: Amels and Damen Shipyards offers now fully enclosed hangars for their support vessel range.

Hangars aboard protect the helicopters from the saltwater and allows a safety storage of an own one.

Specifications Helicopter Hangar

  • LY3 / MCA certified fully enclosed hangar
  • LY3 / MCA helideck with helicopter platform lift mechanism and closing doors
  • EUROCOPTER AS365 helicopter maximum size
  • Helideck maximum take-off weight 5,000 kg


An alternative option for the Sea Axe 6711 is a fully kitted-out 45.5 m² professional dive center. This option includes its own Lloyd’s Register certified double lock decompression chamber, four-point filling station, and storage area.

DAMEN has already delivered three yacht support vessels, including one featuring a customized dive center option. Another four Yacht Support vessels are under construction.

Specifications Dive Store

  • Lloyd’s Register certified double lock decompression chamber
  • Capacity: Four divers sitting, or two divers lying down. Dedicated oxygen supplies with emergency electrical supply
  • High pressure breathing air production facility
  • Enriched air nitrox production facility
  • Filling station for scuba dive cylinders with four filling points
  • Dive store area = 45.5 square meters