David Japp from the UK started a great project. He bought the 62 feet luxurious vintage Feadship Alto Volante from 1961 and rebuilt and relaunched the yacht with her original name - TIKY.

Thanks to David Japp for the pictures (C) 2008 – 2014 David Japp

There is also a discussion on YachtForums.com with more information and pictures.

The mammoth project started with a lot of work. Everything has been replaced including the deck, services, ancillaries, wiring, plumbing, stabs, thruster, shafts, and engines as well as having had 30 sqm of hull plating replaced, so she is now in effect a new boat – she has an entirely new light-oak interior with a new granite-topped galley and 3 new heads.

Comment by David Japp:

“I thought long and hard over several months about the “look” and “feel” that I wanted and eventually opted for (what I hope is) a neutral look that could be contemporary, or look original to the early sixties (or earlier. We used light oak for the BHs and furniture with horizontal grain and shadow gaps to break up the BHs. The flooring is random teak plank veneer on ply. She did not originally have a plot house but I thought she needs one for owner & crew comfort (it’s either too hot or too cold) and also because I thought she looked a bit naked without a PH, especially as she is a 10kt displacement cruising boat rather than a fast commuter… however the aft screen of the PH is interesting in that all the aft screen windows are lowered electrically and disappear into the lockers and the doors are easily removable for stowage in the aft deck seating , so the PH can be completely closed-up in inclement weather (and/or used a crew cabin) or completely opened up in hot weather.”

Here with a pilot house added in the 80's

The work on TIKY proceeds…

The hull got a gray undercoat and coating and finish in “Off White” by Awlgrip.

Also, new deck equipment was added to TIKY

Back in the water and almost finished