AZZAM Lurssen 180m

Azzam: Lürssen launched the longest yacht of the world

Impressive! The 180-meter yacht project "Azzam" left the dry dock just 40 Kilometers away from me.Note: Azzam is the longest but Dilbar is the biggest (by volume) Lürssen published some pictures on…

jongert yachts blue fascination

[Video] Traveling on the Jongert "Blue Fascination"

I have found videos on YouTube about a sailing journey around the half world on the Dutch built Jongert Blue FascinationBlue Fascination is a Jongert 2800S from 1988 when the yard was a top brand for…


Utopia returns home to Feadship

Feadship has welcomed home the 71.60-metre Feadship Utopia for a range of maintenance activities and technical upgrades. Originally launched in 2004, this is the second time Utopia has returned to…

Feadship Madame GU

Feadship launched 99m "Madame GU"

Luxury yacht builder Feadship of custom motor yachts, has launched the largest Feadship to date: "Madame GU".The 99-metre masterpiece was created by the Feadship yard in Makkum and is also the…

Lucia M by Jongert

"Lucia M" (39m) by Jongert YachtsThe yacht is a Guido de Groot design

Motor Yacht Destriero

Destriero - The sad end of a legend?

Motor yacht Destriero - for some years at the Lürssen facility in Lemwerder. Is this the sad end of a legend?Destriero has a length of 68m and thanks to three gas turbines with 60,000 hp a top speed…

The iYacht by Feadship Venus

The iYacht has been launched by Feadship (Venus)

Feadship (de Vries in Aalsmeer) launched the superyacht "Venus"...…with seven iMacs (or they are dummies for a sleek design because of marine related monitors?) on the bridge. She is very…

Topaz Lurssen

Topaz at Lürssen after her maiden voyage

Superyacht Topaz is back at Lürssen for some works after her maiden voyage. The 147m yacht has an exterior design by Tim Heywood and an interior design by Terence Disdale. Topaz has two helipads,…

Fountainhead by Feadship XL in Makkum

Fountainhead by Feadship XL (sister ship to "Musashi").……

Yacht Lucia M by Jongert

Lucia M by Jongert

Jongert's Lucia M at her building yard in Wieringerwerf She was designed by Guido de Groot.

65m Nataly by Benetti Yachts

There’s always a first time: on April 4th, the Benetti shipyard in Livorno launched its 65-meter Nataly aka FB 252, a truly innovative style. New, near plumb bow, new deck house shape, and sides that…