Lürssen - that's a brand in the yachting industry. A brand for the largest and most complex yachts in the world with over 1.000 employees. Lürssen is the builder of over 20 yachts in the top 100.

There are some very fine superyacht builders in the world. But Lürssen is the Rolls Royce of the superyacht world. They build very long private super ehm gigayachts like Azzam with a length of 180m. That’s about 5m longer than the cruise ship MS Deutschland. And Lürssen gets on step further. Not just diesel and propellers. The main propulsion with water jets comes from two gas turbines with a total power of 94.000 HP and a top speed of 30 knots – all in one: Gigalative!

Why Lürssen? German engineering + German craftsmanship = Highest quality level. Lürssen makes it possible to build a very complex yacht in 24 months. That saves about 12 months of waiting.

The yard was founded on June 27, 1875, by Friedrich Lürßen at the age of 24. As of this day, the yard built over 13.000 boats and ships for private, commercial and navy use.

Founder Friedrich Lurssen Werft

Friedrich Lürßen, Founder of the Lürssen Werft

The shipyard began with smaller and agile boats like the 6m Daimler boat REMS – the first motor boat of the world, built in 1886 named after a tributary of the river Neckar in Germany. REMS was Powered by a 1,5 PS gasoline engine by Gottlieb Daimler.

REMS Lurssen Daimler

Otto Lürßen, the son of Friedrich Lürßen evolved the Lürssen Werft further to an innovative manufacturer of racing boats like the Daimler II (reached a top speed of 35 knots on the Weser), Maybach-Donnerwetter (35 knots) or the Saurer-Lürssen from 1911 that reached a maximum speed of 32 knots. The Saurer-Lürssen won the “Grand Prix de Monte Carlo” off the coast of Monaco.

Saurer Lurssen Fr Lurssen Werft

Saurer-Lürssen from 1911 – top speed: 32 knots

Friedrich Lürßen (who manages the yard in the 4th generation together with Peter Lürßen) says:

“The history of the shipyard is still closely linked to our own family history and that of many of our staff. The family and staff’s genuine identification with the shipyard business and an informal company structure with tight employee loyalty have always been supporting pillars of our success. In addition to technical expertise and practical skills, high levels of flexibility and strength of innovation among our workforce have been the decisive drivers of growth in our shipyard business as a specialty supplier of high-technology ship construction since the beginning.”

Peter Lürßen comments:

“As a family company it makes us proud and happy to be able to look back, in a turbulent industry, on 140 years of successful shipbuilding history on the River Weser. At the same time, our company anniversary motivates us as a family business to continue manufacturing unique ships for the global market together with our employees and to successfully live up to our great-grandfather’s motto to impress through performance and quality.”

A small excerpt of Lürssen's superyacht portfolio.