"The finest Art on Water" is a part of the art exhibition "Rich Pickings" at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (MKG) in the German city Hamburg.

The famous Italian shipyards CRN and Riva of the Ferretti Group have collaborated with artist Christian Jankowski.
Christian Jankowski aims to engage directly with the idea of sales and exchange and the value of luxury goods. “The Finest Art on Water” is not only a yacht but also a piece of art that fully immerses the spectator.
According to Jankowski:

“The yacht is the perfect sculpture, a perfect self-contained vessel of information.”

Visitors to the exhibition will explore the presentation of wealth in contemporary society, and through “The Finest Art on Water”, be confronted with the idea of luxury objects; that artwork can generate cultural capital and elevate the buyers above the level of conventional taste and material consumption.

CRN Riva project 68mt

Jankowski collaborated with yacht builders CRN, the Italian shipyard specialized in the construction of fully customized steel and aluminum superyachts over 40m, featuring a 68m vessel, whose exteriors and interiors lines were designed by Officina Italiana Design, and have been produced by the shipyard in the contemporary artwork. The Aquariva Cento, a limited edition boat, also designed by Officina Italiana Design, that can be available as a tender for CRN superyachts, will also be sculpturally displayed as part of the installation, simultaneously challenging an art audience and yacht lovers alike.

Luca Boldrini, CRN Sales & Marketing Director said:“Following the success of Frieze in 2011 and Christian Jankowski’s exhibition at The Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, we are excited to be once again showcasing our collaboration that allows viewers to engage with our yachts in a different environment. Art and design have always played an integral role in all that CRN and Riva stand for and we are incredibly proud of ‘The Finest Art On Water’ and its ability to transcend a yacht from an object to a covetable piece of art.”


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