Paul Allen's "Octopus" was again on an expedition and found the sunken Japanese Yamato-Class battleship Musashi.

Paul G. Allen makes no secret of the ownership of the HDW Kiel by order of Lürssen built 126m motor yacht Octopus. This motor yacht isn’t just “a yacht”. She is an expedition ship, a floating heliport (one landing pad on the bow, one on the aft deck and a hangar for two helicopters), a basketball court and a music studio. She has also a 20m(!) tender and a submarine in the yacht’s own dry dock in the stern.

Octopus is one of a few yachts who see the world and undergoes adventures. A crew job must be awesome.

Motor Yacht Octopus

Picture by Metallion

Octopus Yacht

Picture by Getallinfo

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Mr. Allen, please keep up the good work. YachtAid Global is an interesting project for Octopus.

Some selected works from YouTube for some exterior details (interior is still confidential).

Here you can see the huge main tender storage