Deep Blue Software is a revolutionary and easy to use Yacht Management Software designed to facilitate the important administrative workload of Captains and Crew, Yacht and Superyacht management companies and yacht owners.

Actually, over 40 yachts and several yacht management companies have already installed this unique software to solve daily yacht management hassles.

The international software development company Deep Blue Soft Ltd introduced on the market an innovative yacht management software whose primary purpose is to facilitate the workload of crew members and yacht management companies – during and after the yachting season, offering tailor made tools to deal will all aspects of daily Yacht operations.

In order to build up a truly valuable yachting software, in 2011 Deep Blue gathered a pool of contributors dedicated to that development. A pool composed by experienced super yacht captains but also other crew members (first officers, chief engineers), yacht managers, financial officers and owner representatives.

The company designed Deep Blue software with a “KIS” approach (keep it simple). A solution hosted in the Cloud on secured servers with permanent access over the Internet, user-friendly interface and specific modules designed to be used daily by the entire staff working on the yacht and not only by captains or chief engineers. The Software is therefore also designed for Yacht managers and owner representatives wherever located around the world.

Being under development since more than three years, the beta version has been released early 2013, and after extensive and successful testing, the released candidate V1.0 was launched in June 2013 to selected clients. By May 2014 Deep Blue reached the release V1.1.3, with an installed base of more than 40 clients, yachts over 30m and several yacht management companies which operate Deep Blue for the management of their fleets.

Deep Blue Management Software offers 24 applications able to meet all the needs of potential users at 360° around the Yacht.
These applications are divided into specific areas concerning “Crew management”, “Crew & Guests lists”, “MLC requirements”, “Accounting & Financial reports”, “Yacht inventory”, “Yacht documents”, “Maintenance & Engine logbook” “charter management” and many other applications in which users can manage contacts, calendar, backup and get help.

Deep Blue allows a continuous flow of information in real time between the yacht and the management company, in full transparency and with professional accuracy, allowing Captains and Managers to significantly reduce the administrative workload but also to make sure that the Yacht and the Crew are perfectly matching all regulations ruling the yachting activities (MLC, Class and Flag requirements among the principals)

Deep Blue Yacht Management Software
Deep Blue Superyacht Management Software

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