Helicopter Hangar on seas: Amels and Damen Shipyards offers now fully enclosed hangars for their support vessel range.

Hangars aboard protect the helicopters from the saltwater and allows a safety storage of an own one.

Specifications Helicopter Hangar

  • LY3 / MCA certified fully enclosed hangar
  • LY3 / MCA helideck with helicopter platform lift mechanism and closing doors
  • EUROCOPTER AS365 helicopter maximum size
  • Helideck maximum take-off weight 5,000 kg


An alternative option for the Sea Axe 6711 is a fully kitted-out 45.5 m² professional dive center. This option includes its own Lloyd’s Register certified double lock decompression chamber, four-point filling station, and storage area.

DAMEN has already delivered three yacht support vessels, including one featuring a customized dive center option. Another four Yacht Support vessels are under construction.

Specifications Dive Store

  • Lloyd’s Register certified double lock decompression chamber
  • Capacity: Four divers sitting, or two divers lying down. Dedicated oxygen supplies with emergency electrical supply
  • High pressure breathing air production facility
  • Enriched air nitrox production facility
  • Filling station for scuba dive cylinders with four filling points
  • Dive store area = 45.5 square meters