CHOPI CHOPI the 80m flagship by CRN has won the “Most Achieved Trophy” at the “World Yacht Trophy 2014 in the category megayachts from 54 to 82 metres.

The experts of the jury agreed that in the international yachting industry Chopi Chopi stands out for quality, the craftsmen’s commitment to work on the finish and interiors, for its spectacular volumes and open spaces, and its constant and direct contact with the sea. Not forgetting art, design and attention to the wellness onboard.

This new award enriches the numerous prizes that CRN’s flagship has reached throughout 2014, like: “Best Interior Design Award’”at the Showboats Design Awards 2014 category, among megayachts above 60 metres in length, the Judges Commendation at The World Superyachts Awards 2014, and the “Boat of the Year 2013”.

Gala_trophy-0095-CRN Chopi Chopi_r