Lemwerder-based shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen launched the 98m successor of the current AVIVA (68m) in January 2017 and delivered the yacht in May.

AVIVA is a Reymond Langton (exterior and interior) design (like the predecessor) and was created in cooperation with Toby Silverton. She is the fourth yacht for the British owner Mr. Joe Lewis with that name. The businessman talks about important technology to operate the business from his “floating office” in an interview with Bond Technology Management.

This launch is the biggest to date in the history of over 100 years of Abeking & Rasmussen. With the upgraded construction hall they can build yachts up to 125 meters.

AVIVA Yacht Abeking
AVIVA Yacht Abeking
AVIVA Yacht Abeking
AVIVA Yacht Abeking

The yacht’s special feature is a full-size padel tennis court (20m x 10m x 6) inside.

Hull optimization decrease the drag about 20 %. Less drag = less power and less fuel consumption. The maximum speed is 20 knots.

AVIVA is equipped with a hybrid propulsion that allows an electric-only drive up to 11 knots for more eco-friendliness and reduced noise for more comfort.

Till von Krause, Sales Director at Abeking & Rasmussen is happy about the time of the building process. A&R needed 33 months from the sign of the contract to the launch.

AVIVA Yacht Abeking

Till von Krause (Abeking & Rasmussen Sales Director):

“We are very proud to present our latest superyacht named “AVIVA“. This is the result of highest workmanship and best communication between the owner and his team during the short period of less than three years.”

Andrew Langton (Reymond Langton Design):

“The biggest yacht from Abeking & Rasmussen, featuring a fresh and dynamic contemporary exterior design, unique, highly personalized layout for the interior and a cutting edge technical platform. “AVIVA” is intended as a home away from home, and as a result the layout moves away from current trends to maximise the spaces that will be used the most, and create a welcome, inviting atmosphere, with a combination of spacious, open social lounges alongside more intimate and discreet areas for dining, working and relaxation. The interior design features a number of avant-garde architectural elements and details, and uses a rich combination of fabric and leathers in light, warm tones.”

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Aerial video of AVIVA - by DrDuu

Launch Impressions

The 68m AVIVA from 2007