Two in a row: AMELS launched the 55m “RoFlo” (Amels 180) and 60m “Madame Kate” (Amels 199) at their facility in Vlissingen. Both yachts were designed by Tim Heywood.

AMELS 180 and 199 are semi-customs yachts on proved platforms to provide a fast delivery with (Dutch) quality.

Madame Kate

She is the first AMELS that features a ‘pearl effect’ paint on hull and superstructure and a touch and go helicopter pad on the foredeck.

AMELS Paint Manager Arie Springvloet Dubbeld explains:

[quote]“This is a pure pearl – not metallic – effect. The pearlescent optical effect works like Isaac Newton’s prism, you have different colours in one colour. Pearlescent is basically the next step after metallic paints. You get a very elegant and refined effect.”[/quote]

Owner’s representative comments:

[quote]“Both the owner and his wife are fine gourmets. They wanted to put the art of making fine cuisine back into the centre of the boat. As far as the interior design was concerned, Madame was expecting to get an original and extremely elegant environment, a promise clearly delivered by the design Laura Sessa. The matching was very good, she is very talented and understood at once what the client wanted. Looking at the long list of modifications requested by the owner, I was really impressed by the speed of reaction from the AMELS Project Manager and the quality of the solutions given to us. All this comforted the owner that he was building his new yacht at the right place.”[/quote]


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