The 52m motor yacht AMORE MIO II (formerly known as SEA JEWEL) by Abeking & Rasmussen from Lemwerder, Germany was refitted with new interior

Amore Mio II: For Francesca Muzio and Maria Silvia Orlandini, founders of FM-Architettura d’Interni, it was a real challenge since the project started in January 2014 and was delivered on May 24, 2014. The new Owner has decided to cooperate with the Firm from Ancona after understanding FM organizational efficiency and especially the expertise and passion of the two young founders of this design atelier.

Thanks to the high sophistication level achieved by the Firm in displaying projects through dexterity of sketches, technical plans, mood-boards, CGI software and 3D modelling, the Owner could see in the tiniest details the finished product, even before it was started. This new approach made it possible to complete the project on time and fully meeting the Owner and FM’s expectations.

The boat has been refitted in partnership with CPN Shipyard Ancona relying on an established network of top level artisans, selected by FM-Interior Architecture among those ranking at the highest level of professional excellence in the Marche region (which boasts a centuries-old tradition, especially in the manufacturing of leather and wood), and able to meet any requirement from the Owner. 

Despite being built more than 15 years ago, this vessel can be considered a contemporary jewel of the present, with very specific characteristics. First of all, we are on a 52 mt long boat, whose volumes can definitely be compared to a 60 mt since it has a maximum width of 10.30 mt and 5 decks.

All the interiors have been refitted, night and day areas, starting from the verification and re-fix of insulation and air conditioning system, up to the choice of furniture items and décor. This has significantly increased comfort on board in terms of acoustics and living spaces. 

Attention to the finishing was extraordinary and unique since characterized by manufacturing techniques, which combine the use of the metal, even melted, with woven leather tailored locally. We can define this refit intervention as Haute Couture, where the combination of unusual materials and peculiar processing techniques, have made the atmosphere warm and contemporary, sensual and posh at the same time.

Amore Mio II’s deck has been completely re-made. In the forepart of the boat, those which were 2 king bed cabins, have been transformed into one large space for exclusive use of the Owner. FM – Architettura d’Interni has designed and subcontracted to skilled craftsmen each piece, which makes up this new area. Promemoria items, Armani Casa fabrics and Dedar wallpaper give the place a touch of elegance and comfort. The former VIP salon, entering the Owner Cabin, has been transformed into an elegant office with relaxing armchairs

Great elegance and light mood surprise the guest who enters the main salon of Amore Mio II. The use of metal, combined with peculiar value finishing, makes the area rich in extraordinary details. The extendable round table to accommodate up to 12 people, designed by FM – Architettura d’Interni, is made of light grey mahogany wood, with brushed silver and metal details, while the base is covered with woven leather. The Promemoria sofas and chairs, upholstered with Dedar fabrics, surround as the perfect frame three unique items custom-designed by FM – Architettura d’Interni: a coffee table with wood finishing “fusione contraria” (inverted casting) in liquid bronze; 2 small tables in brushed mahogany combine the functionality of the side table to the table/tray combo; East inspired is the central TV cabinet, with leather-wrapped handles with brushed silver and equipped for dinnerware storage. On one side, a football table in steel and glass completes the furnishing.

The new concept expressed in the upper deck is colonially inspired, with cognac colours of the structures contrasting the ivory nuance of fabrics. Great attention is paid to conviviality, thanks to the large C-shaped sofa, equipped with side tables and a coffee table designed by FM – Architettura d’Interni, featuring a top made of leather and linen. 

Also the curtains matches the colonial mood, handmade tailored and one of a kind decoration item with linen slats and metal details, which design an elegant pattern of grommets. 

At the two opposite corners of the sofa, there are two tables with leather carvings, which hide two game tables for backgammon and checkers. To complete the furnishing, there is a central freestanding TV cabinet covered in leather and linen, matching the colours and mood of the curtains.

Amore Mio II’s lower deck, in the central part, has 3 double cabins, 3 bathrooms and a very large playroom. Liveliness and relaxation are the dominant leitmotif being the area dedicated to the youngest members of the family. Blue, aqua and red leather enliven the area together with Cantori lamps and Loro Piana fabrics. In the aft area, whose access is through private staircase winding down from the main deck, there are two more large VIP cabins, one with twin beds and the other with two queen beds, each with private bathroom and walk-in closet.

This super yacht is fitted with two C1400 KW CAT engines, reaching a maximum speed of 16 knots. It can accommodate up to 12 guests and has a crew of 21 people for a totally comfortable journey.