AMELS and DAMEN sold a new 69m Yacht Support Vessel - the first one with fully enclosed LY3 / MCA certified helicopter hangar.

The fifth yacht support vessel is currently under construction (SEA AXE 6911) in the Netherlands. The delivery is planned for June 2016 to the owner.

Yacht Support Vessel Sea Axe
Yacht Support Vessel Sea Axe

SEA AXE 6911 will have a helicopter workshop under the deck and also a well-equipped dive area. The vessel accommodates a crew of 22, has 250 m² space for tenders and toys in addition to 110 m² storage below the deck.

Heli Hangar Yacht Support Vessel

Mark Vermeulen, product manager explains

“In fact, the owner’s team came to us with a lot of client-specific customisations for what was then our 67-meter platform,” he explains. “They put a lot of thought into how the owner would like to operate the Yacht Support Vessel in combination with the mother yacht. This has created new possibilities within the design, resulting in an extremely high-end yachting experience. Now we’ve put a lot of that client feedback into the updated design – the SEA AXE 6911.”